Employers Questionnaire

The main objective of this questionnaire is to analyse tourism operators’ opinion regarding the CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) situation within micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Europe. (We assure that your answers will remain confidential).


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Tourism is the third largest economic activity in the EU and the sector continues to grow.



Although tourism has a broadly positive impact on economic growth and employment, it is also a resource-intensive industry that leaves a large footprint on the environment and it can also threaten cultural heritage.

Therefore, sustainable tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are promoted by policymakers as well as by consumers. However, one target group has had so far very little contact with these concepts: micro and small to medium enterprises. Their managers usually have no access to information about CSR and, in any case, CSR concepts have to date not been tailor-made for micro and small enterprises. 


In order to overcome this situation, the project group has developed three main intellectual outputs:


A) Implementation of a European survey to obtain a clear picture of the extent to which CSR is known in the tourism industry, especially within micro and small sized enterprises. 


B) Based on these outcomes the Fair Tourism training course will be developed, tailor-made to the needs, interests and demands of the main target group. 


C) Finally, we will publish the Fair Tourism policy paper, which will summarise experiences and outcomes from the project activities inform European Vocational Education Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE) policies together with regional, economic and ecological development.